Regathering in Lima, Peru

7th August 2019 Here I am, sitting at a small table in the Healing Dog Hostel’s courtyard. I’m surrounded by earthy-red walls, hanging pot plants and the slow sounds of blues and jazz oozing from the speakers. I arrived here late evening, stepping through the threshold once again as a solo traveller, having spent threeContinue reading “Regathering in Lima, Peru”

Day 1 — Quito, Ecuador

3rd July 2019 I am writing to you from the rooftop of Community Hostel, Quito, Ecuador. I really didn’t think I’d ever make it here. But here I am! The rooftop is spacious and outlined by a hip-high wall that’s covered in colourful paintings of jungle life. In the distance, I can see the volcanoContinue reading “Day 1 — Quito, Ecuador”

Tena, Ecuador

22nd July 2019 I’m in the Amazon rainforest. What a dream. Yesterday, we trekked on a fairly well-trodden path through the jungle. We followed a stream to a cave, ducked under the rock and waded through the water in our wellies, shining torches at the hand-sized spiders that clung to the walls and disturbing batsContinue reading “Tena, Ecuador”