Cartagena, Colombia

28th September 2019

Two days ago I stepped foot on Colombian soil for the first time. Now, I am in Cartagena, breathing in it’s effervescent, Caribbean, salsa-filled air.

My legs are sticking to the chair as I wait for my brunch to arrive. A nice girl just delivered me a pot of tea, which I will enjoy through my sweatiness. I am not sure how well I will cope in this heat.

Cartagena feels like a spicey mix of Cuba, Italy and parts of Africa. The buildings are painted in turmeric yellows and raspberry pinks, with rustic wooden window frames and flowers blooming over doorways. Women wear patterned headdresses as they dance to the reggaeton that weaves through the streets. Locals and travellers alike spend their nights in the open air of Plaza de la Trinidad, drinking beer, selling handmade jewellery and cheering on street performers.

While I already love this place , I’m desperate to experience new things that can’t be found within a city. I want to live a life sleeping in hammocks, scuba diving, doing yoga in the jungle, watching glowing plankton, swimming to uninhabited islands and shower in waterfalls.

For now my brunch has arrived and I will make the most of my day. Till next time, traveller.

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