Day 1 — Quito, Ecuador

3rd July 2019

I am writing to you from the rooftop of Community Hostel, Quito, Ecuador. I really didn’t think I’d ever make it here. But here I am!

The rooftop is spacious and outlined by a hip-high wall that’s covered in colourful paintings of jungle life. In the distance, I can see the volcano Pichincha, a huge statue of the Virgin Mary and the old-town basilica. There are flats and houses sprawling up the face of the mountains, splashed in colours of whites, yellows and pale blues. I can hear motorbikes and tooting cars and a man calling to his fellow scaffolders.

It’s hot out. I’ve tied my blue tie-dye top up in the middle and rolled up the hems of my trousers. It doesn’t feel like I’m burning, though I must be careful as this is the equator after all.

I still feel sleep deprived and this altitude is giving me a headache, but ultimately I feel content. There hasn’t been one moment, since planning this trip in the early days, to walking alone through Birmingham airport, to arriving to this seat, that I’ve even felt one bit nervous. Instead, I’ve been confident, cheerful and excited the whole way.

As I regather myself after my journey, I am reminding myself over and over why I’m here.

My intentions have always been to let go, dig deep and grow into myself. I want to be confronted with the darkest parts of me. I want to break myself down, then build myself back up with sincerity. While I do that, I’ll learn about an unfamiliar country, meet its diverse people and see its landscapes.

For now however, I’m going to soak up some more sunrays, then head on out to experience Traveller Life.

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