A moment before I leave

It is the last night of June 2019 and my adventures begin in the morning.

These last two weeks have been physically and emotionally draining. I’ve left two jobs, moved my belongings across cities and endured numerous heavy goodbyes.

Having said my farewells and become mentally prepared, all that’s left to do now is go.

My backpack waits at the door, whining to be let out into the world. I’ve packed simplistically and minimally to help me feel as light as possible as I move through this new terrain.

To say that I am ready and raring to go would be an understatement. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. Tonight I’ll dream of the Amazon, of the Peruvian folk, of mountains and fellow travellers.

It’s been years in waiting for tomorrow. Time for me to indulge on these Last. Few. Hours.

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