Here you’ll find Diary Entries from my Travels, Letter Exchanges with Loved ones and Ponderings on Humanity

South America Diaries

Sailing Lunulata

Sailing Lunulata It’s been seven daysof sun and laughtersailing Lunulata.The wind blew us through daysof silky waters,sticky heatand vineyard quilted islands. With each new anchoragecame a new underwater scene.Some sandy seabeds eight metres below;others harbouring rocksalive with urchinsand starfish pasted to the ridges.We listen to our breathas we snorkel through turquoise watersand laze in hammockstoContinue reading “Sailing Lunulata”

Salento, Colombia

22nd October 2019 This is Salento, the coffee region of Colombia. It’s a small, colourful town surrounded by rich countryside. It feels like an old wild western, with dusty taverns, wooden swinging doors and locals wearing crisp cowboy hats as they ride their horses through the square. I spent this week at a beautiful hostel,Continue reading “Salento, Colombia”

Deeper in Tayrona, Colombia

9th October 2019 I am in the jungle; deep inside the leafy, humid, creepy-crawly mass that is the Sierra Nevada. A few days ago, I trekked for two hours through the heat of the day with all my belongings on my back, continuously uncertain that I was even heading in the right direction. Twice IContinue reading “Deeper in Tayrona, Colombia”

Tayrona, Colombia

6th October 2019 Last night, through the determined rain, I arrived at Tayrona National Park. It’s a protected area at the northern peak of Colombia, with pristine white beaches, towering palm trees, exotic birds and swinging monkeys. You could say that visiting here was the main reason I came to Colombia — for months IContinue reading “Tayrona, Colombia”


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